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LawGroup was formed in 1988 to provide solicitors with access to an innovative and effective response to the challenges facing the legal profession. 
LawGroup has assisted many firms with their practice development, efficiency, fee growth and practice profitability. The core strength of LawGroup is in helping firms to flourish by assisting them continually to improve the performance of their businesses through the gaining and sharing of knowledge and experiences.
Never has the role of our organisation and its services been so vital.
The Profession is at somewhat of a crossroads, not only because of the Legal Services Act and the new rules on corporate structure and proposed investment, but also because of what is quickly becoming an enormous attack on our market from the institutional providers of commoditised legal services.
Radical change is inevitable and the sooner solicitors begin to respond the better. This is not least because other potential entrants to the market have spotted the opportunity and are already beginning to mobilise.
This is an exciting time of opportunity for the legal profession, or at least those that wish to take advantage, and we will continue to do what we can to ensure that firms associated with LawGroup are on the crest of the coming wave rather than watching it go by.

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Lexcel Support

To help firms secure Lexcel accreditation we recommend they use one of our two Lexcel programmes, each of which guides firms through the process of securing accreditation. Lexcel Step by Step or Lexcel Blitz.

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Marketing Support

Across a wide range of marketing issues, LawGroupUK have the materials and expertise to support a lawfirm's marketing effort. Whether its client newsletters, client seminars or detailed marketing planning tools, LawGroupUK have the answer.

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Professional Indemnity

2017 Renewal

The renewal period for Solicitors PII has started, and as in previous years we are acting in partnership with the leading broker, Hera Indemnity.

This year there are some significant changes and firms are well advised to get their completed Proposal Forms in early.

  • Click here to download and print the PDF version of our form

Insurers are focussed on the financial health and stability of law firms and continue to have a very wary attitude to risk. Because of this they may be more selective than usual.

This year, even more than usually, firms should be looking to secure their insurance early. The consequences of failing to secure terms on time are pretty drastic now.

So, Act Now! Get you completed Proposal Form in.


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