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Docman - E

An easy to use, low cost, email filing and management program for users of Microsoft© Outlook, designed by the programmers of DocMan (the document management system behind some of the most popular legal practice management software).

The Outlook Problem
As the utilisation of Microsoft© Outlook has increased, so has the issue of how to store emails and their attachments to ensure an FSA compliant audit trail.

This is especially the case where solicitors are settling documents with other lawyers and where documents may have gone through several drafts. Only a relatively small number of firms, usually with expensive document management systems, are currently able to save Outlook email text and attachments into a managed area (usually Matter Folders) in an automated manner.

Thus firms have a generally acknowledged problem. Emails saved in Outlook are, in effect, saved in one large file (the “PST” file) which can become enormous, fragmented and vulnerable to corruption, full of attachments which should be properly filed away.

Work-in-progress filing becomes very fragmented, a search needs to be made into Outlook to obtain a full picture, find the correct version and so on, so finding matter specific work has become problematical.

Manual saving of email text an attachments is messy and can often be inconsistent.

The DocMan-e Solution
DocMan-e is a low cost, easy to install, software program that sits alongside Microsoft© Outlook on your PC.

The program’s document management allows either/both attachments and actual email text to be stored to the firm’s usual client/matter directory hierarchy.

The program can be set to store files either on a stand-alone computer or on a network file server.

Any saved emails and attachments can be accessed reliably and quickly.

Email “conversations” and document “versions” are timestamped.

Stored e-mails retain the ‘metadata’ contained inside them. This provides an audit trail of sending, receiving and composing to enable full, SRA compliant, auditing.

License Fee
The cost of a DocMan-e software licence is £50 per user (for the first year, £30 pa thereafter) which includes basic support and software updates. Large orders POA.

Try Before You Buy!
We can provide you with the option to try DocMan-e free of charge for 6 month so that you can test its value for yourself.

Further Information and Software Download:

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