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Business Development


Member firms have the opportunity to cross-refer work to each other as a result of their listing in our Member Firm Specialist Skills Directory. Members can cross-refer to each other safe in the knowledge that the referred firm is of high quality (being a network member) and that the referral is accepted on a strictly cooperative and non-poaching basis. The client always remains that of the referring firm.


An opportunity provided to LawGroup UK is to use the national structure and presence of its membership to generate new business for members. Our aim is to bring new clients through the doors of our member firms. Once the client has been introduced via us, the firm then has the opportunity to cultivate a long-term relationship with that client.

Clearly, not all firms will want to receive all types of work. Therefore, to ensure that client referrals are sent to those that want that type of work, we invite members with the relevant skills to form specific panels for specific clients. The following are examples of some of the types of service that our panels provide:

Independent Legal Advice

Our panel of local solicitors is ideally suited to offer Independent legal advice for clients of a number of financial institutions who feel that their product needs to be further explained from a legal standpoint. For example, in 2000 we formed a panel of equity release specialist solicitors’ firms in England, Scotland and Wales to act for customers purchasing equity release products.

We maintain and manage the panel, providing a call centre and an enquiries and complaints handling service. We have also developed our own proprietary case tracking software, INEUS, which is designed to provide easy access via the web to case progression information so that all parties can be kept fully informed.

Our Equity Release Panel is available to providers of both Lifetime Mortgage and Reversion schemes and can be accessed by in-house financial advisors, independent financial advisors and by customers themselves.

Legal Help lines

We provide the backup service for two of the largest legal advice help lines. Our members do not have to answer the telephone but when the advice is that the client needs to see a solicitor then that referral comes through to us and is distributed on a local basis.

County Court Agency

Our network provides coverage to all of the local county courts and we are therefore used by a number of lenders for their agency hearings.

Special Projects

We also generate leads and referrals for member firms via our own media projects.

We have several projects planned, including a newspaper re-mortgage promotion which is scheduled to generate significant re-mortgage conveyancing business for members.

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Member skills directory & more info

To access our Member Skills Directory click here. (Members only)

For more information on our business development activities, please contact Sandra McGill on 0845 3890 380 or email to
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