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In today’s competitive culture, most law firms now realise they must market themselves pro-actively and professionally to develop and maintain an effective presence in the marketplace. With banks, institutions and supermarkets now gearing up to market and delivering legal services as well, it is now more important than ever for law firms to employ an effective long term marketing strategy.
At LawGroup UK, we can provide help and support to assist firms in the development of their marketing approach. We can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:
·          Advertising
·          Press releases
·          Print management
·          PR Campaigns
·          Websites
·          Client newsletters
·          Design
We can provide advice on how best to plan and budget for an advertising campaign. From initial planning stages through to final implementation, we can advise on advertising concepts, advertisment design, strategy planning, target media, negotiation of space and so on. We can advise and offer assistance on all aspects of the advertising process, so please do call us for details.
We can offer a complete design service for a wide range of requirements. Whether you need a new logo, an updated stationary suite, a series of adverts or a complete corporate re-brand, we can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you through this process.
At the beginning of each month we post a set of topical Press Releases on this website which have been commissioned specifically for use by law firms. This is a complimentary service for network members that we have been providing for members since 2002 and which has become a firm favourite, not only with those that use the releases with their local press but also with those that use the releases internally as a method of keeping staff and partners up-to-date with key legal issues. Non-members can access these releases for a monthly fee. We can also provide advice on how to utilise press releases to good effect and also how to create and present your own press release/s if you wish to do so.
Please see our separate web page on ‘Client Newsletters’ which gives details of the extensive services we are able to offer.
Printing promotional material, stationery, business cards, newsletters, brochures – the costs soon mount up. However, buying and placing print can take up a lot of partner time, effort and money. WE have, over the past two decades, built up both the experience and contacts to enable us to source high quality print services at very reasonable prices. We can review your current print spend (and, for that matter your advertising spend) for you or we can use our sources to quote for your print needs. Either way, we can save you money.
An effective local PR campaign is extremely important for raising both the profile of your firm and also your reputation within the local community. Many law firms who adopt a pro-active approach to this aspect of marketing enjoy the benefits of a raised local profile and the increased business and credibility that goes hand in hand with this. We can provide assistance and ideas on how best to embark on an effective PR campaign which works in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy.
Your website will often be the first port of call when a prospective client is looking for legal assistance. Therefore, it is crucial that this very important marketing tool is working for you to maximum effect. We can create, design and build an effective website for your firm. Alternatively, we can take a look at your existing website and provide an appraisal of its effectiveness in terms of design, navigation and overall appeal and whether it truly reflects the ethos of your firm.
For further information on any of the above, please contact
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