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LawGroup UK is a membership organisation for independent law firms which provides support across a wide range of practice management areas, including business planning, design and marketing, financial performance and the generation of new business.

Membership of the Network is restricted and so we are only able to accept firms of a minimum quality standard. The emphasis on quality is for the mutual benefit of all members and will, for example, drive both our ability to negotiate on Professional Indemnity Insurance and also our strategic positioning in the marketplace.


The decision to join LawGroup UK is not primarily a financial one. The benefits and savings available to members are designed to be more than enough to cover the subscription fee. What is crucial is the firm’s philosophy. At LawGroup UK, we are looking for firms that are adaptable and have a positive approach both to their clients and also to the future development as a firm.

Typically, LawGroup UK firms are “High Street” practices with a mix of legal expertise and are usually practices of between 2 and 20 principals. A key benefit of membership is the ability to meet with other like minded firms and to earn from each other. Also a key to a successful membership is the commitment to devote sufficient resources to membership participation. It is very much the case that “the more you put in, the more you get out.”


Once we have received your application for membership, one of our team will arrange to meet with you both to ensure that yours is a firm that will profit from membership of LawGroup UK and also to establish the ways in which our organisation can start to provide you with benefit.

Once enrolled as a member, you will automatically receive information on all services that are included in the membership annual subscription. In addition there is a range of services which can be accessed by members at significantly reduced member rates. At critical times in the year, LawGroup UK will contact member firms to offer their support in achieving the best, most cost effective, solution to specific member firm needs; for example the annual Professional Indemnity Insurance renewal.

Membership continues on a rolling basis and may be terminated on three months notice.


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Interested in joining LawGroup UK?

If you would like to join LawGroup UK, or if you would like further information, please complete the Membership Interest form. We will contact you within 2 working days.

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quote mark At LawGroup UK, we are looking for firms that are adaptable and have a positive approach both to their clients and also to their future development as a firm.    quote mark

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