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One of the great advantages of being a member of LawGroup is the opportunity to meet other practitioners in an informal setting, to learn from each other and jointly to address common concerns.


Each year LawGroup UK hosts a Partner’s Conference exclusively for members. The event has a wide ranging agenda, with guest speakers, break-out groups on topical subjects and, of course, there is a social and networking component providing an excellent opportunity for members to meet in a stimulating and convivial atmosphere.


Participating firms meet on a regular basis to share information on matters of common concern. Recent meetings, for instance, have reviewed Bank Charges, Audit Fees and Work In Progress policies.


LawGroup facilitates regular meetings in each of our membership regions to provide an opportunity for local members to meet, network and to share common concerns, problems and opportunities.


On a confidential and voluntary basis, members share data across a wide range of practice performance benchmarks, enabling contributors to see the best - and worst - of their performance as compared to other member firms.


LawGroup UK meetings and forums for 2008

Annual Conference
  • October
Financial Management Forums
  • March
  • September
  • November
Regional Meetings
  • As required by local groups
Inter Firm Comparison
  • July
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