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The legal market is currently experiencing unprecedented change. On the one hand, The Legal Services Act maps out a series of major changes which will be implemented over the coming years. On the other hand new entrants into the legal market and the increasing trend towards commoditisation are quickly creating a paradigm shift in the way that legal services are provided.
Our message to solicitors, which is backed up by the services that we provide, is to decide where you want your firm to be in the medium term future and then to design a strategy to get there.
Law firms are now being presented with a range of structural options including the limitation of liability and, soon, the opportunity for non-lawyers to invest and become principals in legal practices. Each firm is different. Which structure is best for your firm? How do you make yourself attractive to the new generation of “partners” and also to potential investors?  
Our team can facilitate your decision and planning processes and provide you with access to the technical expertise to implement your plans effectively.
One of the more recent initiatives launched by LawGroup UK is its Navigator programme, which is designed to assist firms through the current economic downturn. The programme focuses not only on defensive measures that firms can take, but also what positive opportunities can be exploited in a downturn.
To assist member firms in keeping their office manual’s up-to-date, we publish regular inserts to a ‘Practice Management Tool Kit’. This complementary bi-monthly service provides practical advice on a series of issues including, for example, health and safety, office manual section templates information technology and quality systems.
The annual review is one of our most widely accessed and powerful services and comprises a practice review by one of LawGroup UK’s specialist Practice Consultants. The review assesses practice performance against LawGroup criteria and concludes with detailed recommendations and a positive action plan.
Increasingly, members are retaining LawGroup UK’s specialist Consultants to act as part-time practice partnership mentors, essentially mirroring the role of a non-executive director in a plc.
LawGroup UK Members have access via email to a free practice support help-line. There they can gain access to first line advice on all aspects of running, marketing and increasing the profitability of their practice


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Practice Management Briefing Notes

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Practice Support Helpline

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