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In-house Marketing Seminars

Marketing expertise where firms need it, when they need it.
At their own venue, in their own time.
Now more than ever firms need to be promoting themselves and their services. To do that they need to know how to market. LawGroupUK's Marketing seminars have been renowned for many years for their quality. Now, in a major extension of the service we offer, we have adapted our proven, popular Marketing Seminars to offer them to firms at their own venue.
This is truly flexible marketing support:
·          Marketing support focusing on what the firm want to cover in detail.
·          Dates to suit them.
·          At a time to suit them.
·          No travelling.
·          No down-time.
·          As many people attending as the firm wants.
The concept is threefold:
1.          The firm provides:
·          No travelling.
·          No down-time.
·          As many people attending as the firm wants.
2.          LawGroupUK provides:
·          The Speaker.
·          The Templates and Materials.
·          The Marketing Guide to work with.
3.          There is a choice of Formats:
·          Teach-In/Seminar Presentations.
·          Workshop Option.
·          Problem Solving/Clinic/Brainstorming Sessions.
The firm chooses what to concentrate on. Not LawGroupUK.
If firms choose the Teach-In/Seminar option, LawGroupUK speakers will base their presentations on the highly successful marketing guides that have been available to members in recent years. Topics available to be covered include:
·          Marketing Campaign Planning;
·          Marketing Tactics;
·          Advertising;
·          Press Releases;
·          Databases;
·          Mailshots;
·          Promotional Leaflets;
·          Client Newsletters;
·          Seminars for Commercial Clients;
·          Online Marketing and Website Optimisation;
·          Realistic marketing Budgeting.
Each topic can be dealt with in separate, but inter-linked sessions. We guide attendees through the various Marketing Tools they need at their fingertips. We take them through the Do's and Don'ts. We show them the "How to's..."
Attendees will be given examples of fully-worked up templates of marketing planning documents, database templates, sample client newsletters, leaflets, letters, press releases, and seminar presentations.
All designed to help them kick-start their firm's marketing effort.
By the end of the session attendees will feel immeasurably more confident that they can put in place a practical, cost effective and realistic marketing programme.
Click here for a copy of the In-house Marketing Seminars leaflet.
To kick-start the programme contact Barry Dahill at
Or call on 0845 389 0380.

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Who should attend?

The firm decides. It will depend on the format chosen, and what the firm wants to achieve.

It could be any combination of:
  • Partners
  • Marketing committee members
  • Fee Earners
  • Marketing managers and assistants
  • Business Developers
  • Office Managers
There are two basic modules:
  1. ½ Day
    • Lasting about 3 hours.
    • Conferring 3 CPD points per attendee.
    • Total cost £750 + vat + LawGroupUK expenses.
  2. Full day
    • Lasting about 5 hours.
    • Conferring 5 CPD points per attendee.
    • Total cost £1000 + vat + LawGroupUK expenses.
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